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Posted: 02/14/2012 07:03
Who says knitting bag is only suitable for summer? Woven ([url=]Fendi Tote Bags[/url] bag the autumn and winter fashion elements in the latest autumn and winter trends, it immediately became a new wave of summer and lively atmosphere in the autumn and winter atmosphere. In addition, there has been very popular animal prints, fur bags, of course, ultimately, bag a I OL are! Prepare for their own additions to a Japanese bag it!

The original straw bag is very monotonous, plus made ??of wool and wool flower decoration, not only to show the fresh wind and summer autumn and winter fashion sense!

Although the grass rattan woven [url=]Fendi Wallets[/url] bag classic style, but the dark tone of the design plus the combination of elements of winter fur, a highly popular fashion winter package shall

This bag Chanel most HIT package type design, wool and cloth weaving techniques, this chain package full of autumn and winter flu!

The noble purple is the color of autumn and winter is very popular, to show women the elegant charm of color. Purple bow decoration made ??with suede in the package surface, as if to tell you: shoulder [url=]GUCCI Clearane[/url] bag can also be diversified.

Believe you've seen a lot of weaving of wool woven into the package, but this noble style is more unique! Large suede bow, coupled with a metal chain, ladies dress must have a single product!

The combination of leather and fur of small [url=]Gucci Exotics[/url]; bag, not only show women flirtatious, but also reflect your personal taste. Warm autumn and carrying shopping, wear a comfortable sweater to enjoy afternoon tea is also good. ~~

The shape of the platinum package, lack of use of leopard fluff dotted Baoshen very special and very autumn and winter flu! OL who wants to go lady line, you can mention it wearing a suit to work, create highlights it!

Retro shoulder [url=]Gucci Hobos[/url] bag shape, with fur and rivet elements have been monotonous the Baoshen more fashion!

The "dumplings" handbags, clever as the two stars strap with look your playful charm. ~~

article source:[url=]These bags show women the elegant charm of color[/url]
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