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Posted: 02/14/2012 10:37
<strong><a href=" Louboutin Clearance</a> </strong>High heels for a woman always has a sense of attraction. It is said that every woman will at some point in their lives to fall in love with high heels. Perhaps is childhood secretly foot slid into the mother high heels the moment, or perhaps dressed in white silk full of joy with loved ones handle the moment . This wonderful high heels plot seems to be innate, not self-evident. Fashion changes, time goes by, the only woman on the heels of love last for a lifetime, love the same .Women can find 1000 reasons to love high heels. In fact, women love high heels, it seems that one never thought the cause of a thing.The high heels make women slim, weak Liufu wind, woman attitude graceful amorous feelings. No woman do not like high heels, almost all of the woman's life through high-heeled shoes.Women are to wear high heels, like men to wear the shoes of what grade is equally important.

The difference is, men wear the shoes of what grade you can basically show the status and identity of this man, while women wear <strong><a href=" Louboutin Black Pumps</a></strong>, just as is said by some woman, completely beautiful, beautiful.Although a woman wearing high heels, it should only walk on the carpet "cat walk", once down to earth "too often embarrassing. A small slope, some gravel, a woman wearing high heels will Huazhi in perpetuity, although the war and trembling to mention heart hanging dan, but a raised stone to tease a bit, suddenly Yinping first break Huarong pale, looked down at the beauty of children in Hong ankle.However, women can still find a 1000 reasons to love high heels. In fact, women love high heels, it seems that one never thought the cause of thing, but a little summarized seven reasons is the reason most women love high heels:Upright posture:Wear high heels, women naturally chest Bottom, chest and buttocks sexy parts fully expose.

Slim good body:There is no doubt that <strong><a href="">Chri​stian Louboutin Platform</a></strong&​gt; make a woman significantly higher body consequent to become more beautiful.Modified calf Line of Beauty:High heels, especially the few quarters popular pointed shoes, perfect shape, slim and sleek feeling from calf to toe smooth lines.who do not love?Beautiful fetish crazy,Than Han Han simple-minded, sports shoes, leisure shoes, high heels, no doubt the beautiful shoes, from the upper to the heel, design eye-catching color and fine workmanship, and have brought back a woman born with love material things. Like the collection of shoes a woman is more and more, take a look at their collections, 80% are high heels!Toes is the performance of the good parts of the sexy, summer, a lot of girls like painted toenails oil, wear high-heeled sandals of a thin strip of exposed toes, but also enhance the woman's sexy.

Partial let him love and pity,<strong><a href=" Louboutin Boots</a></strong>, men will never be able to encroach on said shift when you limbo light, how could he not impressed by the beautiful posture? Although he sometimes rebuke Why do not you wear pairs of flat shoes, but I can not stop the feelings of sympathy and affection, flirtatious heels is so pathetic.Comfortable, flat shoes can be a woman happens to wearing uncomfortable high heels. In the footsteps of despair - despair - despair ", a woman trained to be more and more superb balance, and the beautiful more and more skilled play in the hands, for their own more and more confidence.Therefore, as a woman, wear high heels. You wear high heels, is modest and is not frivolous, is the style but not dominate the show and not show off. Both ladies Ye Hao white-collar or wearing high heels, you'll become more mature and charming! Since God has given a woman a good one right, then why not enjoy this unique woman the right to it?

Wearing high heels can prevent some diseases. Wear <strong><a href=" Louboutin Flats Shoes</a></strong> to avoid the entire sole, you can prevent flat feet, people with flat feet, wearing high heels have corrected, but not wearing pointed high heels or pointed shoes. Varicose veins, women of a disease, and high-heeled shoes because of the raised arch, is conducive to lower limb blood circulation, not only can prevent varicose veins, has been suffering from this disease, wearing high heels can be improved . Wear high heels when walking chest and abdomen, not only to the lungs, abdomen beneficial, but also can prevent gastroptosis uterus backward and humpback.
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