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Devil's known as Alexander McQueen has passed away, but his team still brought us a general fashion works; Alexander Wang is today the most red and the youngest born designer in New York, his works simple and fashion sense . Today, we will be two designers fashionable [url=]Chloe Outlet[/url] handbag a PK, Behold a arouse your sympathy!

1.Alexander McQueen, metal hand box.

Hand box with a little punk style, the handle can be set to finger, skull decoration is the usual style of Alexander McQueen, Baoshen wrapped with metal leaf, very extravagance and stylish, take it at the party occasion, with a world's best dressed, sharp!

2.Alexander McQueen, tassels skull hand box

Tassel bag full of vitality, the entire Baoshen wrapped leather tassels, unique metal skull buttons in the distribution of special charm in the [url=​mini-bags_c434_457]Chloe Mini Bags[/url] bags, so that like the punk style, or neutral wind MM a love it!

3.Alexander McQueen, rivets, woven shoulder bag

This year is retro, square Baoshen back to people's attention, Baoshen strong, compact size, black and gold contrast with, so that you can not deny its charm! Package covered with leaves decorated to show your tender side.

4.Alexander McQueen, leaf decorated handbag.

Alexander McQueen leaves are use as the theme, showing a fresh charm, dotted on both sides of the [url=​_460]Chloe Shoulder bag[/url] handbag, streamlined Baoshen very feminine!

5.Alexander McQueen, knit skull clutch

The art of weaving, weaving the British flag in the package surface, show Alexander McQueen has always been artistic charm, still steal the spotlight of the skull and crossbones on the bag to play the leading role.

6.Alexander Wang the sheepskin nude color handbag

Minimalist style of design, nude colored sheepskin square package is unique in that he speaks to the length of the package with a mobile location from Baoshen wear clothing, this design allows the bag to immediately become a dual-use package! Either hand can strap on her own.

7.Alexander Wang belt decorated dual-use [url=​bag-milk_p126.html]Chloe′Eden-Small′ Leather Crossbody Bag Milk[/url] package

The yoke style leather belt at random around the body of the bag to expose the uninhibited flavor, travel with a casual dress will be able to show your personality charm.

8.Alexander Wang, gray leather belt decorated handbag.

The same is free to decorate the package body belt, but the large capacity allows you to travel very convenient, incorporating functional, free swing between temperament.

9.Alexander Wang, embossed metal corners bag

Both men and women of the package shall, matte metal around the four corners of the bag, square charm very retro temperament, quality did not have to say, very good!

10.Alexander Wang, linen leather stitching dual-use [url=​458]Chloe Satchel bag[/url] package

Linen material, combined with black leather material made of the package side of the bag at the bottom of the metal Wai Kok, very intimate, large capacity travel for you to add convenience, hand bag, or become a Messenger bag!

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