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Posted: 02/15/2012 01:03
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There are all kinds of styles of [url=]Louis Vuitton outlet[/url] bags, handbags, hand bag, backpack, bag, etc., everything to make women Tiaohua Yan. Different occasions with how the package was more appropriate? OL in the workplace are very particular about this mix of skills! The bag with the right mix, shape immediately provides you with bright Oh!

A neutral British Briefcase: season doomed to failure models

Dual-use bag is very real, can Shoulin also be shoulder diagonal, the very tide of the design version of type, the personality of the metal decoration is one of the highlights of the bag, briefcase-like style, just like, but ultra-stylish , a combination of neutral handsome and the girl's personality, the season's most popular must-have products!

2 tassels rivet [url=​gs-monogram-perforation_c54]Louis Vuitton Monogram Perforation Bag[/url] bag: full of personality

Contains both the most stylish tassels and rivets the two kinds of elements, so that you become the central figure in the crowd! With a fur collar leather jacket and skirt, super-retro modern girl!

3 leopard shoulder bag: a wild tide

A In recent years, like most MM bag, animal pattern leather exterior design, simple and put in more noble temperament, metal button embellishment tide very great sense of design, the OL can use this Wild Leopard grain [url=​gs-ailleurs_c56]Louis Vuitton Ailleurs handbags[/url] bags become the focus of the Office of the stars Oh.

4 serpentine handbag: luxurious and elegant

Rectangular serpentine handbag is simple and generous, elegant but not play, the openings of the metal texture mosaic, more women of noble temperament, suitable for various occasions, dance, shopping, etc. Oh! Very lady of a bag.

Irregular unique bag: to highlight the unique charm

A bag of very special, very personal, and completely irregular shaped pleats of the pumping!-Style design that can allow you free play, but also their own DIY Oh! However, this bag is not suitable for ladies of MM, leisure, Neutral, the personality of the MM can try!

6. Rivets bucket bag: the trend of wild

Shoulder [url=​gs-utah-leather-men_c57]Louis Vuitton Utah leather Men's Bag[/url] bag, black rivet design gives personality and temperament, feeling, super attractive, metal chain embellishment to design a simple bag suddenly have a fashion sense, with sweaters, miniskirts and bags MATCH it!

Knitted wool bag: warm and environmentally friendly

Arbitrary shape, pristine material, although the knitting bag as fur bags as luxury Quchong, but it is simple and warm, without any decorative embellishment, it is the winter rug environmentally friendly wizard.

8 simple canvas bag bag: the dissemination of student atmosphere

Perhaps you will feel humble bear canvas bag, but the tidal wave of men women who love it, a leisure or punk, or tough, handsome, with this canvas bag will allow you to become the retro wave of people!

Fold bag: a woman's exclusive

Fold design pattern Lingge package, gold chain with aristocratic temperament, with a fresh wear, super charming, it seems that what kind of style can match, it is worth collecting Oh.

10 shoulder pocket change [url=​gs-damier-graphite-canvas_c59]Louis Vuitton Damier graphite Canvas Men's Bag[/url] bag: small, pleasant

Ultra-small pocket shoulder bag is small and charming, to go out shopping for back this bag, with a woolen coat and black boots, elegant woman is you!

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