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Seven full of personality shoulder [url=]Louis Vuitton outlet[/url] bag, seven days a week, the United States and the United States too! Total whatever you want to become the darling of every time you travel.

A. Deep brown

What is the color of the earth? Earth sense of belonging to the strong feelings you? Right, the earth is the color - brown. Sense of insecurity, deep emotions inside covered in brown. This brown [url=​gs-monogram-macassar-canvas_c6​2]Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar canvas bag[/url] bag is the most suitable boyfriend used to give a girlfriend, let her back in the heart of the body to feel safe and secure.

(2) Blue Charm

Deep sky blue, makes one think of is the large, sunny blue sky. Good weather, of course, want to travel to the back of this blue charm paragraph bags, so popular all of a sudden rising up and walking in the crowd will be shiny!

(3) purple mystery

Purple brings unfathomable feeling, a lot of extraordinary people have favorite colors.

4 white purity

White is never low tide, classic color, clothes, [url=​gs-damier-ebene-canvas-men_c64]Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene canvas men bag[/url] bags, or a skirt. This white chain bag is elegant and natural, decent, very suitable for office workers. Simple freedom, the declaration of this bag.

5 purple mystery

This purple bag back, like cast a veil of mystery, how many people can not withstand the charm, and followed suit want to check it out.

6 green original

Mention of green, the mind is a vast forest, a Wang-green ocean. The green [url=​e-monogram-vernis-luggage_c66]Louis Vuitton Monogram vernis luggage[/url] bag, leopard pattern, fully embodies the original features. The back of it, from the inside exudes nature to the original sexy charm.

7 red unrestrained

Red always make people think of burning flames, flowers in full bloom, thick warm, lively and enthusiastic. The red .[url=​ther-neo-greenwich-replica_p53​6.html]Louis Vuitton M93172 Naxos Leather Neo Greenwich[/url] bags exquisite small, coupled with the dress or vest, it is extremely cute.

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