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In 1941, [url=]LV Monogram Denim Replica[/url] lady to the avant-garde, bold thinking mode, for the female figure can be free invention transfer stretch movement sportswear, swimwear, since tennis dress, high on my wife's ball gown ... ... , even in higher garment series, also to men's costume and sports clothing for inspiration, her skirt, variable owe found a negative bag, that let the hands free; being the classic tweed jacket, stitch made suitable heart bag, or with wide sleeves, full of sense of fashion sports style, become a quarterly fashion without the indispensable important element of.

Lambskin material package design is double in can be used, as Chanel lady once said" a true luxury is good, inside and out .". Lv wallet series design succinct and low-key, even so, the fashion of life in still can immediately identify [url=]LV Monogram Empreinte[/url] exclusive style.

Racy lozenge

See the [url=]Monogram Multicolore[/url] series first impression, is read to childhood had large lattice of chocolate, with time, is the taste of happiness. Chanel lady home quilted cushions

Chanel Coco Cocoon series, is to extend brand classic 2.55 handbags, especially white wine, the wine is white, chanel handbags lined lady for 2.55 special choice of colors. The lateral or medial and handbags quilted, inspiration originated from Chanel lady in kangyou Street headquarters upstairs apartment, living in Changsha Beige suede on the quilted cushions. Since 1955 February born lozenge 2.55 handbags, constant is Chanel classic markers of, express is a kind of low-key and natural luxury. Racy lozenge

Inner beauty of Art

" True luxury is good, both inside and outside. The addition is [url=]Monogram Vernis[/url] ladies classic, is the brand essence. Each piece of Chanel" works", beyond the product 's essence, risen to become the" work of art", make people not only by memories of Chanel apartment in her collection of 2 engraved with Westminster Duke spear shaped heraldic gold-plated lining jewelry box, to elegant lady opened the package Prada varus lift, not casual look to drink white genuine leather lining.

Coco Cocoon series with art posture, grace day continuation of Chanel brand essence, especially for every detail about maintain, as well as material and sophisticated research and development. [url=]Louis Vuitton Nomade Replica Handbags[/url] Series in addition to the nylon, lambskin or washing / embossed calfskin leather material, but also provide the ultra soft fur or fog surface disposal precious crocodile skin, all materials are compliant with the CHANEL for stiffness high standard request. Only choose the best quality of cortical sectors, who spend many hours of agriculture, Agricultural Disposal by hand after two kinds of rare and exotic materials, to complete the Coco Cocoon series handbags, like coated hard down coat, or with a hard texture, quiet super soft calfskin blanket. Small parchment material package design can be used for double.

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