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Soler prior victory is the the achievement cannot equate, but about that time is the pursuit of undervalued [url=]LV See by Chloe[/url] brand in the market to invest, undoubtedly has great attraction. In 1987, the resourcefulness of the Arab people supported Investcorp since a I and his family bought a 50% stake in the hands of gucci. But the Mongolian people respect, financial group and female thin out immediately to the Gucci line on the cause of road.

In fiscal year 1993, [url=]Sofia Coppola[/url] group loss of 32300000 dollars, the two years, inherited the company loss, debt has flock, member of agricultural farming endowment also towed short. " On 1993, company was bankrupt. Investcorp prior to almost disappointed, but be willing to be at one's wit's end, they have to put Mao Liquan's holding of shares bought Gucci neat forehead. " Burn road.

During this period, Lu Tao Fu in Milan opened their store. In 1953,[url=]Suhali Leather[/url] , died 1 years later, Lu said, opened in Manhattan, another new store. Here, the company will change for the operators of the blockade of G capital, with white and green trim. Pick out a white and green is because the two color is just the Italy state flag on the main tone, company to deliberately raised Italy making brand features. In 60, gucci group expansion speed is like the pop jet same agile, its branch to London, Paris, Chicago, Tokyo and Hongkong, throughout the Qi ball, and a follower of the fame is also growing, including Elizabeth Taylor, Maria, Audrey and Las the original and other superstar.

In 1921, once in London witnessed new century running social life state of the Gucci Oguchi, in his hometown of Florence, opened my leather processing plant. The wild plant before the factory after inn method production and sell hand drop box, [url=]LV Utah Leather[/url] bag, hand down products such as harness, because product quality work hard, its scope gradually extended. While the Gucci feel if his products can be established for a class of high-grade consumable abstract, companies may suffer more from. Then, he carefully designed the plant's operation planning. In 1937, gucci bags in Italy central Arno River opened a larger processing plant. At that time, gucci products have taken the same business - a fusion of the horse, horse bit and stirrup designs. A year later, gucci in Rome opened a shop, beginning in the rural prosperity days period of dumping his products.

Gucci bag this Italy Florence legendary, with expensive name brand bags clothing famous in the world, which once fell into trough. In twentieth Century seven, eighty time, because management is not the, [url=]Prada outlet [/url] bags brands lost to day light, often emerge in many waste products, the market and presents" Gucci" brand toilet paper, although this kind of situation has largely company authorized. Experience is the biggest rescue efforts, gucci fall back to lead fashion and double Meng Zunjing's position. Today, the brand is still being fashionable gens bottom ritual worship.

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