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In 1, double F: Karl Lagerfeld FENDI cooperation to double F alphabet for the knowledge of the series is the CHANEL C, [url=]LV Monogram Denim Replica[/url] word after the woman, and a fashion all known double letters LOGO, often not casual day Chung always Fendi clothing, accessories and other details, and later even as the pattern on fabric.

CHRISTIAN DIOR 1 CD: the abbreviation Dior, Chang Yong now Dior accessories, such as a belt buckle, leather, or glasses frame is, gucci new bags. In 2, Dior: Dior another obvious forget, Chung today gift boxes or bags of the descending ring.

Every luxury brand has its own special legislation only stop properties, luxury goods from the visual communication to also accumulate dew brand LOGO stimulation, especially GUCCI logo, [url=]LV Monogram Empreinte[/url] significance of permanent is so long.


1: LV, MONOGRAM pattern patterned first generation. Since the beginning of 1896, it still is LV leather meaning symbols, so far there is no decline. In recent years, with the MONOGRAM pattern as the foundation of the various changes pattern, gives the LV leather less fashionable face. In 2, DAMIER grid pattern: created in 1888, and in 1996 the exquisite elegant brown color to launch. In 3, EPI embossed: black, brown, with green, yellow, blue, white, orange and seven kinds of color. Ancient color drips water lines only in the lower right corner of leather embossing a [url=]Monogram Multicolore[/url] book. SALVATORE FERRAGAMO humble push lattice Act 1, Ω: decoration in the leather on the gold ring Ω Salvatore Ferragamo leather has been identified, shoes and accessories collection is the most obvious sign, and the metal buckles almost every Ji Jieyou color change.


1, [url=]Monogram Vernis[/url] three-ring: by three kinds of colors of gold composition tricyclic interwoven classical abstract, three kinds of color separation represents different meanings: platinum gold represents loyalty, friendship, the rose gold on behalf of love. Tricyclic design often use are watch, pen, lighter and other accessories to. In 2, C: 1910, two female C Cartier word is wrong sign was floating nowadays leather buckle, appearance or the pen body, has became one of the most important when brand logo. 3. Leopard leopard: back to Cartier designers like to use the inspiration source, since the jewelry, watch, silk scarf leather goods, [url=]Louis Vuitton Nomade Replica Handbags[/url] all may see leopard padlock or leopard pattern.

article source:[url=]Major luxury brands LOGO significance(2[/url]
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