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Under the [url=]LV Epi Leather[/url] shop for their own GUCCI meaningful LOGO.


In 1, double C: Coco [url=]LV Luggages[/url] C LOGO filled with double clothing buttons, leather buckle, glasses, earrings and other usable days, double C has become fashionable community pride. In 2, to the whole world: camellia, Camellia has flat equal to Chanel Wang Bang's state flower, in addition to being a variety of jewelry, are more often used in clothing fabric pattern. In 3, argyle pattern: stereoscopic rhombus space line is one of the signs of Chanel, is widely used in clothing and leather goods, and is also used to watch design.

Hermes ( HERMES to CHANEL)

In 1, the carriage pattern: This is Hermes from the operation of long history and fine harness start character meaning. In 2, H: for now exaggerated LOGO real brand popular majesty, Hermes is not so gentle, so have H shape in recent years, often appear on the product. In 3, Hermes signature : the Hermes leather or metal accessories can see. 2, two: continuation patterns in accessories and clothing often poured hidden square two party continued curve pattern, said Versace gorgeous and ancient cultural meaning.

[url=]LV Mahina Leather[/url] Celine

In 1, C: C standard to forget and chain pattern is always Celine brand classic pattern, in the leather skin pattern or metal buckle and scarf, hair band pattern weaves can see. In 1, Medusa Avatar: whether a Versace is Versus vice licensing, in all product design or logo, can see the fairy Medusa head pattern. 2, two-seat sidecar: when the marker is Celine as delicate as a symbol of the character, often become the leather and shoes on the metal decoration. Gianni Versace Fan Nianzhe

[url=]LV Mini Lin bag[/url]( CHANEL opponent )

1, bamboo handle: Gucci bamboo bag and wood in nature, all bamboo are from China or Vietnam heart, and agricultural burning baking skills achievement its not easy breaking characteristics. 2, equestrian chain: Horses equestrian chain and Gucci method. The famous design details, except for the beautiful, but also for the past equestrian age a reminiscence. In 3, G: printed word into for female G operators of the pattern and eye-catching white and green as the Gucci means in usual male white bag, hand bag, wallet and other fall on Cucci product, which is the Gucci 's earliest classic LOGO design, such as GUCCIPVC material series shoulders [url=]LV Monogram Canvas[/url] bag 197953 Brown Patent Leather PVC material the bag is further the use of the GUCCI design idea.

article source:[url=]Major luxury brands LOGO significance(1[/url]
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