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Old Louis died, George introduced the international brand [url=]Chloe Hobo handbag[/url] . In 1893, George in the Chicago World Exposition Louis Vuitton products. Then the brand in the United States was officially launched. After that, George will all his energy, to enhance the brand's international reputation. In 1894, he published his" journey to the west".

In 1896, LV has launched a brand design, [url=]Chloe Totes bag[/url] handbag which is famous for" Monogram canvas". The canvas design style, using a large number of symbols and the" LV" label. Later, George went to the United States, in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago city tourism, in order to spread LV products.

At the turn of the last century - 1900, George was given the authority, organization and design model at the Paris World Expo" travel goods and leather". In 1901, LV officially launched the " steamer bad", which has a very small space, can put LV LV handbags luggage.

In 1904, George served as president of the St. Louis world fair. The same year, [url=]Chloe Wallet[/url] unveiled a new series of luggage. Interior design increases the number of storage unit, used for placing the perfume, clothing and other items.

In 1914, LV building, located in Champs Elysees completed. At that time, it was the world's largest leather goods sales center. At the outbreak of the first World War, [url=]Gucci Clutches bag[/url],V company has been in Mumbai, New York, Washington, London, Alexander, Buenos Aires and other places have opened.

In 1924, a "Keepall" new bag, lv man package unveiled to the public. The leading fashion travel bag waterproof bag. This is only suitable for short trips, it can accommodate a few essential goods.

In 1931, LV began with the introduction of exotic color design, [url=]FENDI handbags[/url] including crocodile leather handbag, handbags, elephant. These people in the colony's highly praised exhibition design.

In 1932, the company launched the " carolinianum Louis Vuitton bags". This ill main consumption is used for storage and preservation of champagne champagne producers.

article source:[url=]Louis Vuitton LV bag history - from 1893 to 1936(1[/url]
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