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and then rinse with water, set ventilated shade dry, avoid direct sunlight. Do not use heating or drying fire, lest cause aging, glue, fade and serious deformation. When the brush can soak a long time, soaking time generally should not exceed 2 hours. 5 [url=]Men's MBT Casual shoes[/url] sports shoes most
Synthetic polymer materials is (much like polyester nylon fabric and nonwoven synthetic leather, the sole use of rubber or foam rubber material ), some shoe upper leather, therefore, avoid contact with organic reagent and oil solution, while more unfavorable in high temperature environment
Under long time wearing. General dress or washing temperature shall not be higher than 45 degree centigrade.

The [url=]MBT Men's Dress shoes[/url] portion to be appropriate, too much will make you when running, instability, easy injury ankle. If it is used to move, then the sole must be flexible, it can reduce each step joint under the impact force, the shoe than running shoes more easily bend, because walking foot pedal more powerful, flexing of the foot has a greater level of walking heel, is responsible for the whole body weight the main, heel to stable and firm. Often walk, shoes elastic will soon lose, while on the surface is not bad, but the protective effect is not too good, I suggest the best in a year for a pair of [url=]Men's MBT Sandals [/url] shoes. Boss, can choose a pair of multifunctional shoes, the soles of the feet of the supports, and can meet the small run jump needs. Often doing exercise at the gym, the gym fitness when the thermostat four seasons, you may sweat, the best choice of good permeability relatively thin MBT sports shoes brown. Each year to replace MBT sports shoes is also a good way to protect the joint.

6 if stored for a long time, they should first clean dry brushing shoes, put cool ventilated place, avoid mildew. 7 so that you can get a satisfactory wearing, please treat you wear
A, do not in general [url=]Men's MBT Kimondo shoes[/url] sports shoes jogging shoes or black for soccer and other strenuous exercise. To give full play to your technical expertise. How to keep the white MBT fitness shoes edge will not change? White MBT is prone to yellowing soles. Special fabric leather: this material cleaning methods can be used with small brush with cleaning agent water clean MBT fitness vamp dirty place, then the small toothbrush dipped in water cleaning, finally with a dry cloth to wipe. Note: do not use brushes and water directly to brush MBT fitness shoes, try to avoid using MBT fitness shoe maintenance MBT fitness shoes, which will reduce MBT fitness shoes his life. Maintenance should first ensure that MBT fitness shoes white sub internal drying, you can find some of the paper as a filler plug to MBT fitness shoes, [url=]Men's MBT M.Walk shoes[/url] shoes leather braces to stretch the smooth, but don't too much paper, then find a packet of preservatives on the MBT fitness welt, using special MBT fitness shoe film MBT

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