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[url=]Fendi Tote Bags[/url] French design company has more than 100 years, they have done a good job to sell handbags. The company began selling high quality luggage baggage, can withstand a lot of tourism need. Eventually the company known for its handbags and its signature LV pattern, made the world recognized brand. Don't worry, which part of the earth people recognized in brown canvas Louis Vuitton LV logo handbag.

The company was trying to do a brand of its type, which is the most exclusive. LV handbags are the popular side, the company annually spend millions of dollars on counterfeiting, to copy famous brand battle. Replication bag, many from the Asian place, because they already know almost as like as two peas original copy of [url=]Fendi Wallets[/url] bag art.

Louis Vuitton has been involved in the use of celebrity advertising bag. Lv man package some of the most famous marketing activities involving Uma Thurman and Scarlett Johansson major suit star. Jennifer Lopez and Christina Ricci have used the name and in many print ads appeared in some of the best fashion magazine.

The latest sports, they may be the most interesting. [url=]GUCCI Clearane[/url] handbag decided to use Keith Richards's famous rock and roll band the rolling stones where advertising campaign. This may be a great marketing strategy, because it receives news free volume. Every late night talk show host to talk about it, but it creates buzz is worthy of their pay him.

This year the most popular bag evening bag can be found in the bling just a contact or completely covered in shiny, beads, jewelry, or embroidered flowers and abbreviated ~ or with all of the above! If you love the bag not have evening to decorate, just add your own bling! Gem brooch and earrings, it is fast and simple dress any evening bag, with your latest equipment. Take good care of your [url=]Gucci Exotics[/url], they will last for life, this year the most popular lady bag man bag! Just like your best friend ~!

This year the most popular Bag Lady Bag Purse Evening Bag man is very interesting in the shop, will be highlighted and various styles of your clothes. A small clutch is always unique, if you do not need too much. All of these can be found in smooth leather, reptile leather, canvas, or transparent plastic. Light weight chain processing, tucks inside easily converted into a single shoulder bag, this year the most popular bags bags bags men let his hands free to handle all the important things to ~ like wine or hug! [url=]Gucci Hobos[/url] If you need to make a little more than a lipstick, see several compartments, will allow you on your mobile phone and other necessities, you simply can't leave home without a bag.

article source:[url=]Keith Richards and Louis Vuitton, very suitable for[/url]
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