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MBT sandals white preserved in different cell, to prevent deformation of shoes. In addition, in the collection of best besmear a few born chicken oil or lard, can make the face of soft and smooth, not easy to deformation. For smooth leather [url=]Men's MBT Casual shoes[/url] sandals, can wipe with dry cloth to stain, some shoe polish can be. Store suede MBT sandals, first check whether there are stains suede, use fine sandpaper in besmirch place gently friction, both decontamination can keep suede erected. The sole with sludge, also want to dip the brush clean.

Secondly, good shoes, moisture-proof anti-mildew treatment. Before storage, it must be [url=]MBT Men's Dress shoes[/url] sandals on a cool ventilated place, the natural air-dry days. Leather upper stains are generally not rub with a damp cloth, but not on the water immersion, otherwise easy to erase the shoe surface color paste, will make the shoes become hard, deformation. For a light-colored leather MBT sandals, use a soft cloth dipped in the same color shoe polish and gently wipe. Note that, shoeshine cannot besmear too thick, because shoe has a volatile and dry, with too much, a long time will cause the vamp weather-shack.

Finally, is properly collected. In the shoe box to put some moisture agent. Otherwise, once the shoes of moisture, mold, next to wear, easily lead to diseases such as tinea pedis. To prevent deformation of[url=] Men's MBT Sandals [/url] sandals, best support shoe stretcher or in shoes filled with old newspapers, and then stored in the shoe box

Brown leather has been the classic retro vintage and retro symbol, the wind blows the summer,[url=]Men's MBT Kimondo shoes[/url] so that a single product appears again in a few season will not become obsolete. Is also very worthy of purchase!

The purchase of MBT sandals, the most important is to see, can let a person feel very sexy. So the time of purchase must remember to carefully observe the MBT sandals wedge heel design and after bare ankle design oh.

Another point is also very important, is the [url=]Men's MBT M.Walk shoes[/url] shoelaces, we buy shoes, to see whether the design of MBT lace rope cute, whether good with other clothing, are careful consideration. Like the MBT lace is very fashionable tide, and a good mix.

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