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2010 spring and summer seems to be a village atmosphere is grumous atmosphere. So when you pick the time, will have to pay more attention to some of the " idyllic" single goods Oh ~ here to introduce this from [url=]Women's MBT Kaya shoes[/url] sandals, don't know is it right? You this choice?

Step / methods

Autumn wind rises gradually, you are still wearing [url=]Women's MBT Lami shoes[/url] sandals? You can try MBT Swiss shoes, warm and healthy. Of course, at the same time you have to take care of your MBT sandals, for next year's summer again ready.

For smooth leather [url=]Women's MBT Baridi shoes[/url] sandals, can wipe with dry cloth to stain, some shoe polish can be. Store suede MBT sandals, first check whether there are stains suede, use fine sandpaper in besmirch place gently friction, both decontamination can keep suede erected. The sole with sludge, also want to dip the brush clean.

Lacing is the most simple rope, recover one's original simplicity feeling with floral skirt, natural aromas. Therefore when choose, as far as possible the tie-wraps [url=]Men's MBT shoe[/url] sandals. The following is the tide of

In order to extend the service life of [url=]Men's MBT boots[/url] sandals, before storage, should do some maintenance, cleaning, mildew, focuses on preventing dryness and preventing deformation. First of all, to do a good job of vamps and soles clean decontamination. The different texture of the MBT sandals to treat. If there are stains, use a soft cloth or soft brush to remove the stains, and promptly fill brush shoe polish. If not timely mildew removal, shoe store, moldy phenomenon will be more severe, mold spores are dispersed into the air, not only pollute the indoor environment, but also do harm to human health. In addition, the box should be placed away from the heating and lighting of the shade, and that are not articles extrusion. If the shoe is insufficient, try to

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