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In addition to the handbag is heavier and heavier, handbags belts also becomes more and more long, the long strap is also make many people
Neck, shoulder and back health problems. To this, concerned expert proposal, like Canada handbags women,
If it can not be" burden", it must adopt the correct backpack mode.
The right way to [url=]Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas Berkeley N52001[/url]the backpack
A, keeping the body straight, let the head and shoulders basic" integrity"
B, can be heavy to his bosom, or use a backpack, let the weight close to the spine, the balanced forces
C, portable bag, then the best right hand load balance when walking, levator ani muscle abdomen
D, if only a heavy bag, preferably two hands alternately lifted
E, dorsal band long Crossbody [url=]Prada 2011 Bags[/url], the best package will be placed on the abdomen, but not on the two
In recent years our country most a of fetching attention phenomenon is the LV packet and car sales, LV package in China hot
Momentum almost to the fever pitch, and similarly, car sales in recent years has almost orgasm, and LV
Kind, become our country's consumption trend.
According to concerning data shows, go up century eighty time, France had the panic buying boom, and China's current LV and
Auto sales phenomenon is very similar. Do not know from what time, originally popular in the French nobility LV extravagance
Group purchase of luxury goods, gucci0package, you become the target of panic buying, LV from [url=]Prada Tote bags[/url] / Louis Vuitton venture was respected by the art of travel
Evolution as a status symbol.
At the same time there appears a fancy car buying spree, seems to be the only large displacement and high cost of high-grade car
Your LV bag, will prove the identity of the noble. When the French Street, luxury cars everywhere,
Using [url=]Prada Message bags[/url]; bag Frenchman is street a scenery, and now the French, but is more economical steam
Car and parity bag.
Today, the French had staged the scene thirty years later in China.
Would rather save money on food and expenses in LV stores a predetermined one may not be suitable for their new LV bag, also won't buy a
A little known cheap bags. Would rather make a deposit after dozens of people waiting for a luxury car, not to buy
Perhaps more suitable for small cars. [url=]Designer Prada Evening Bags[/url] bag and the car has not only is a living supplies, and became
Tools to show off. People see is LV bag LV motifs, and car purchase intention as and its power
Can ride instead of walk has also differs very far.
Tread in sb.'s footsteps of LV and car sales, in the end is chasing trends or have fallen behind in fashion?

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