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Posted: 03/26/2012 02:32
" <strong><a href=" louboutin slingback sale</a></strong> are you wear is not important, as long as you have a beautiful shoes and handbags, you are beautiful." Zhou Yangjie ( Jimmy Choo, also called Ji Shu Mei ) designer Tamara Mellon once said.

The British" VOGUE" magazine clothing accessories editor Tamara Mellon, in that every woman should have a pair of both style and can wear the<strong><a href=" Choo Clearance</a></strong​>, and then in London Knightsbridge manual shoemaking

<a href=" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-801" title="2010091992030771&q​uot; src="">; alt="" width="300" height="400" /></a>

Zhou Yangjie together, founded a <strong><a href=" Choo Outlet</a></strong>​; company, and this is a charming and sexy high-heeled shoes for the Zhou Yangjie brand is synonymous with. First publication in 1996, Zhou Yangjie high heels became celebrities and high-heeled workers favorite commodity.

Zhou Yangjie's brand of people pursuit the biggest reason, because <strong><a href=" Choo Online</a></strong>​; is the fashion design, with any style of clothing in harmony with. Say, this is a combination of the UK 's Royal cobbler Zhou Yangjie's superb technology and fashion magazine editor from the Tamara Mellon outstanding trend analysis results.

Through the" Devil Wears Prada Queen" ( The Devi7Wears Prada ) and" <strong><a href=" Choo Sandals</a></strong&g​t; in the city" ( the City ) is that we are familiar with Zhou Yangjie, because he is able to respond to every fashion trends, show the novel material and streamline, therefore only then can become the fashion of people preferred shoes

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