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Posted: 03/26/2012 02:42
Design designer Salvatore Ferragamo in <strong><a href=" Choo Slingbacks</a></stron​g>, not thinking " how do I let heels appear more gorgeous.", but in" how to make the high-heeled shoes is comfortable and graceful appearance". And, he was also very hard to investigate customers' foot shape. He to women of different foot shapes as the starting point, the specimen using a soft and comfortable fabric.

In addition, in order to wearing high heels to walk when does not let the feet forward slip, he in the ergonomic design made great efforts.Now the rugby shoes continued to fitting ( comfortable ) as the principle, each size is not only the standard, but also according to the different foot shapes prepared 6different widths of <strong><a href=" Saint Laurent Clearance</a></strong​>.

" Beauty is no boundaries, and the design is not perfect. In order to let all the women are like a princess, wear comfortable and elegant<strong><a href=" Saint Laurent Boots</a></strong>, we can use the fabric is inexhaustible."

<a href=" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-805" title="img201202221431499​" src="">; alt="" width="520" height="501" /></a>

We can see from his autobiography to his master's<strong><a href=" Louboutin Clearance</a></strong​> style. For beautiful must endure the pain of reality, but also because the designer Salvatore Ferragamo and ceased to exist.

Now, in the " advanced raw materials made the most natural, the most beautiful,<strong><a href=" Louboutin Black Pumps</a></strong> best shoes" this one principle, which is located in Florence factory, the workers are still in use as Savoy Alberto which used by the machine, and continue the traditional way, through180 steps to create the best high heels.

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