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Posted: 03/26/2012 02:47
Mention of <strong><a href="">Chri​stian Louboutin Platform</a></strong&​gt;, the first thought is definitely a woman. Although men's shoes are high but and lady than up, not in the a horizon, basically is negligible. Now entered into a shoe store shoes, a superb collection of beautiful things. Most of them are here with heel shoes store except) also, the height is not a same, Ren Jun chooses.

High heels are different and some previous shoe on the definition is not only a necessary living items, or a fashion, a decoration. If you listen, you will find, from the height of<strong><a href=" Louboutin Boots</a></strong> can be seen a woman's age, character and identity, income. First of all, to make a definition of high heels, heel height across 50MM heel heels are independent and connected with the front sole slope.

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With this definition, see high heels how to reflect the age of woman. Basically girls under the age of sixteen but also the long body, and at the reading level is not allowed to wear<strong><a href=" Louboutin Flats Shoes</a></strong> and above fifty-five years old woman because of physical reasons, is easy to fatigue and injuries, so basically does not wear high-heeled shoes .

It will age limit in1655. At the age of16-20years old girl, because just wearing <strong><a href=" Louboutin Mary Janes</a></strong> before long, is still in the period of adaptation, the heel height is controlled at a relatively low, at about5070MM heel is relatively coarse, by contrast, easy to control the balance of the body. 20-25years old woman has to be adapted to the high heels is beginning to higher altitudes challenge.

Heel elevation can be moved between the70120MM toward the <strong><a href=" Christian Louboutin Men's Shoes</a></strong> is tall and thin direction. But this age paragraph the person is restricted from the long time wearing high heels, and unable to wear high heels walk very fast, and it is very easy to identify the 2545 year old woman, who presented the world high heel shoe charm, a woman will be graceful funding body, beautiful pace, lean temperament perfect together. Tall, erect, spirit is essential for high heels.

Article source : <a href=" shoes can cause a man's worship</a>


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