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Posted: 03/26/2012 11:32
The earphone is a personal stereo, its natural selection is a personal matter, any personal experience can be pushed and wide. The use of <a href=" meccanico watch</strong></a> headset, the time and the place, his likes and dislikes, earphone sound quality are the selection of a suitable for their own headphones to consider.

Moving coil type:Moving coil <strong><a href=" armani sale</a></strong> is the most common, the most common earphone, its driving unit basically is a miniature moving-coil loudspeaker in the permanent magnetic field, by the voice coil driver is connected with the vibration of the vibrating diaphragm. Moving coil earphone efficiency is relatively high, mostly for stereo headphone output drive, reliable and durable.

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Magnetic type:Magnetic type <strong><a href=" armani watch</a></strong> drive similar to the narrowing of the planar loudspeaker, it will print voice coil embedded thin membrane, such as a printed circuit board, can make the driving force distribution. Magnet focused on one side or both sides of the diaphragm, the diaphragm ( push-pull) in the magnetic field caused by vibration. Other magnet headphone diaphragm no electrostatic headphone diaphragm that is light, but there is an equally big vibration area and similar sound, it is not as good as the moving coil earphone efficiency is high, not easy to drive.

Electrostatic type:Electrostatic headphones have a thin light diaphragm, from the high DC voltage polarization, polarization of the electric energy required for conversion from alternating current, also has a battery powered. Diaphragm suspension fixed by two metal plates ( stator ) the formation of the electrostatic field,<strong><a href=" mens sport watch</a></strong> when the audio signal on the load to the stator, the electrostatic field change, driven diaphragm vibration.

Stator can be driven single-diaphragm, but the push-pull form of dual-stator smaller distortion. <strong><a href=" sport watch</a></strong> amplifier to use a special audio signal into voltage signal of several hundred volts, with a transformer connected to the output end of the power amplifier can also drive electrostatic headphones. Electrostatic headphones is expensive, not easy to drive, can reach sound pressure level without moving coil earphone is big, but its fast response, capable of reproducing all the minute details, extremely low distortion.

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